For you, just as you are, right now.


  • Imagine experiencing newfound joy
         Do not succumb to mediocrity!

  • Connect with your inner spark
         It is NOT healthy to let it dim, like so many people do.

  • Get validation for your unique process
         You can have expert guidance to flourish in your own way. 

  • Engage in a fun, simple practice to enhance your well-being
    and boost brain function!

         Enrichment opportunities are not just for kids, artists, or the gifted.


You've been so dedicated to your career, and family, and rightly so. 

But after some time,

of climbing the corporate ladder,

    or when you will soon have an empty nest,

            or with retirement approaching

you wonder: "Now what am I going to do?"

and sometimes think:  "Is this all there is?"


You've done all the right things, but you have a void.

Home renovations, vacations, and shopping simply cannot fill it.

If your enthusiasm has been dwindling through the years, you are not alone!

For 13 years,  I’ve helped hundreds of people to connect with 
the joy of their own unique process. 
It looks like:

  • Experiencing bucket list items and exceeding expectations!
  • Discovering a creative process, with engaging studies and actualization.
  • Playing pianos that have sat silently in living rooms.
  • Presenting songs and music.
  • Getting out and about with one's interests.
  • Building confidence by connecting with talents.
  • Turning around statements such as these: 
        "There's nothing special about me." 
        "I'm not creative." 
        "I used to do that, but I'm over it."
  • Gaining voice control, dynamics, and stamina.
  • Broadening skills as mentors and speakers.
  • Being invited to perform in contests and shows!
  • Overall life rejuvenation by reconnecting to one's creativity in a supportive structure to evolve it.

    Everyone benefits from honoring ones' own process. 


You can get support to start a journey of creative joy for yourself.

No experience necessary. 

Happy Summer!  Sharon G

I am excited to talk with you about the joy of your expression !
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Sharon G

Sharon G

In thousands of private sessions and on a thousand diverse stages,
she has fostered the direct experience of thriving self expression.  
She is known for inspiring others through empowering original songs and diverse productions; artist residencies, being nominated for "Best Local Band" of Long Beach, California.
Founder of bands, projects, award-winning clubs, scholarships recipient, performer-ambassador at the International Folk Music Festival, Bourgas, BG. 

Why do I do this? 
Because I know firsthand the satisfaction and joy of finally bringing out my expression.  For decades, I lacked the confidence and support to step into what I really wanted to do.  Now, it has been nothing short of miraculous to actualize the dream that I kept dormant for the first half of my life!
Through presenting and in coaching, I know crystal clear that everyone can benefit by engaging their own unique process.


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